How To Install VMware Tools On Mac
How To Install VMware Tools On Mac
May 02, 2020

VMware Tools is an optional set of drivers and utilities which is essential for optimal performance of the guest operating systems installed using the VMware Workstation Player. This tutorial provides the steps required to install VMware Tools on the macOS Catalina guest operating system installed using VMware Workstation Player.

Without VMware Tools

The default installation of macOS on VMware Workstation Player without VMware Tools is similar to Fig 1.

VMware Tools - Mac - Default

Fig 1

If we maximize the Window, the screen occupied by macOS Catalina remains the same and the same applies in full-screen mode. Similar to the display, the guest operating system won't give an optimal performance without VMware Tools.

Install VMware Tools

In this step, we will install VMware Tools on macOS Catalina installed as a guest operating system on VMware Workstation Player. Click Player -> Manage -> Install VMware Tools as highlighted in Fig 2.

VMware Tools - Mac - Mount

Fig 2

It will mount the DVD and starts the installer as shown in Fig 3.

VMware Tools - Mac - Installer

Fig 3

Click the Install VMware Tools Icon to start the installation. It will show the Welcome Screen as shown in Fig 4.

VMware Tools - Mac - Welcome

Fig 4

Click the Continue Button to choose installation type as shown in Fig 5.

VMware Tools - Mac - Install Type

Fig 5

We can change the installation location using the Change Install Location Button. Now click the Install Button to start the installation. It will ask for system permissions as shown in Fig 6.

VMware Tools - Mac - Permission

Fig 6

Allow the installer to complete the installation. It will show the success message after completing the installation as shown in Fig 7.

VMware Tools - Mac - Installed

Fig 7

Click the Restart Button to apply the changes. Now again maximize the window on restart. Now the macOS Catalina should occupy the full area of the VMware Player Window as shown in Fig 8.

VMware Tools - Mac - Maximized Screen

Fig 8


This tutorial provided all the steps required to install VMware Tools on macOS Catalina. The steps should be the same on macOS Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave.

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